About James Assali

James Assali was born in 1974 in Manchester, New Hampshire. He moved to California as a teenager and currently resides in Orange County, CA with his beautiful wife Stephanie and six children.

His story is somewhat of an adventure.  James came to California on a bus with nothing more than a backpack when he was 13. He has had an entrepreneurial spirit since day one. As a young man, he worked diligently to finalize his scholastic career and immediately began to find a niche in the financial business world.  Over the years great success was achieved but unfortunately, in 2008 disaster struck, he was diagnosed with the stress related nerve disorder, Spasmodic Dysphonia which caused him to be unable to speak.

Assali Family

As a Christian, James turned to God to regain trust, faith and strength. He is ever thankful to God, his wife and his children. After recovering from an intense open throat surgery with Dr. Gerald Burke at UCLA medical Center and years of recovery James began to regain some of his voice back. He unfortunately however will be disabled for life. With God at his back he still has regained his entrepreneurial spirit and has regained momentum. James is now CEO of multiple firms managing business operations and strategic marketing profiles for a conglomerate of US and internationally based companies in multiple verticals most importantly FIMAC (www.fimac.us) which is one of the world’s largest digital marketing & branding firms.


With six children James has always been very active as a philanthropist including serving his local community  As an athlete himself, one of his passions has always been supporting his local community in Youth Athletics. He has been a coach for 20 years. He has coached baseball in the Irvine Pony League leading teams to 8 championships. He is currently active as a soccer coach in both the club level and AYSO soccer organizations and has coached as many as three teams during a season from ages 4 through 13 with numerous championship and Allstar team achievements. He is currently accredited with the second to highest level of AYSO certifications which is Intermediate Level and US Soccer Level E certification with plans to achieve National Coaching certification with US Soccer Level C by the end of 2023.

My Top Personal Beliefs

There is nothing more valuable than time in life. Before you start learning, layout your priorities. To me it’s God, family and then everything else.

Idea: If you have one, just go forward with it. If you have to share it with someone or get advice, forget about it because it’s probably worthless.

Put others before yourself. You will learn the most about life by observing other people and their lives. Always be thankful!

When you have such values prioritized, you are prone to win!

James Assali Q&A

Start every day with prayer. Extremely important. God gives me wisdom to notice things I usually wouldn’t and incorporate them into the daily routine of the business. This includes keeping up with the latest technology, online world and a solid relationship with business associates and customers.

The introduction and use of the medicinal extract CBD from medicinal marijuana. Due to the fact my daughter has suffered from Epileptic seizures and I suffer from a stress related disorder whereas CBD is proven to provide medical relief.

You are responsible for anything and everything that happens in your life. Actions of others especially ones that work for you are your responsibility.

There really is no strategy. Every day and every situation is so different that so many times I look back and just think to myself “What was I thinking?” but then realize because of that mistake this happened, and now I’m here. I think putting my hope in God assures me that what I do on a daily basis is right.

The best money I’ve spent were the ones I donated. That’s something that has an impact on a person – whether it’s food, shoes or shelter, that’s better than anything you can buy for yourself.

The Bible. It has the answer to every question in life. Literally.

Through the course of your day, look to see what could be improved and made more efficient. Take time to reflect on your days, weeks, months activities. Did you hit goals? Was your stress level in check? Were you a positive impact to your family, friends, business associates, and/or students?

I think putting the so many ideas to life. You never stop. Regardless how many of them are complete failures, you just move on and keep trying.

Trusting people to manage a business I had built. Prayer, forgiveness, and making clear to myself to never allow myself to be put in that position again

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